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are drama and chanel dating You feel about dramas and big black. Bro Bible recently threw a concert with White Panda, and the guys from “All Out” opened for them. To be honest, anything we do in music, with any sort of music vibe or anything, has to be very organic to me. Rob has put you in some pretty shitty situations on MTV over the years from both “Rob and Big” and “Fantasy Factory.” One of the worst situations was when he made you “live your brand…” Yeah… I have always just ridden along on Rob's ridiculous missions, but that was the first time it was on me. She might just find her little niche as the white Niki Manaj, hey that’s very possible… It's just cool because everyone has kind of seen me grow up under Rob, and I get a lot of kids telling me that I'm a real motivation to them because I'm straight out of Ohio just like them to now owning a clothing line and being a music producer.I have had a lot of artists come across my plate and the ability to produce or sponsor mix tapes is awesome, but to me it's really important that I actually like the music, no matter who the artist is. And had you jump out of building or else he would own 100% of “Young & Reckless.” Yeah. It was real trippy getting there, but when it’ s all about you, it's just kind of a different vibe. It's the end of the episode; it's on my brand, so what else is there really to do? So my goal would be do a show kind of about breaking out from under Rob's wing and just showing kids that they can be mini-moguls too, if you will.Channel 5 1 is the home of great television for all the family, that includes entertainment, documentaries, sport, drama from the UK and US, films, reality, comedy, children's and news.Everything you love from Channel 5, just 1 hour later. A destination showcasing irresistible primetime series and world renowned soaps.