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"They're taking the position there could be consensual sex between a 15-year-old girl and a 40-year-old substitute teacher," he said.

The school district's attorney, Robert Dietzel, was equally disgusted with what he called irresponsible and unfounded allegations.

It's intended to draw headlines and has absolutely no truth." Dietzel said that U. Magistrate Judge Ellen Carmody asked him to write a brief on the issue of consent because eight or nine other states have held that consent does matter in determining monetary damages in civil cases. 9, filed a motion highly critical of the school district and its legal tactics, and said it was evidence of the district's continuing support for Curtis, who played for the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees among other teams during his career.During the meeting, she said the survey was conducted by the LGBT Chamber. Tami Fitzgerald, who leads the Raleigh-based coalition, first mentioned Sevearance-Turner’s record at a Feb.8 news conference outside the Government Center, which Sevearance-Turner attended. 18, the coalition issued a news release further questioning the chamber’s role in the survey.He said a social worker distributed the surveys, which were then forwarded to Meck PAC.In an interview with the Observer, Sevearance-Turner said his group didn’t conduct the survey.