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While a lot of work at home jobs are phone-based, the Internet has opened up a new breed of customer service that does not require being on the phone.In fact, live customer service chat is becoming more and more popular everyday.Noel Walker’s 40th birthday last December prompted him to join a gym and to try to quit smoking. I suppose 40 when I was 20 was an older kind of person with a pot belly and a moccasin head with shaved head and ‑ JENNY BROCKIE: What's a moccasin head? JENNY BROCKIE: I know this, moccasin thing is a big thing in your mind or it was, yes, the hair was important? My perception of a 40‑year‑old is different than it was say 5 or 10 years ago that ‑ JENNY BROCKIE: That's because you're 40.Noel says he felt great turning 40 because many indigenous people don’t live to see that milestone. BRIAN TAUBERT: A moccasin head is you've got no hair on top and you've got hair on the side so you can put your foot straight on like a moccasin. BRIAN TAUBERT: Yeah, around my little group when we talk about, I know what a moccasin head is so sometimes we don't have to explain it. BRIAN TAUBERT: That's because I'm 40, exactly right. And this short story coming makes me nostalgic of the good old times.They'll stay one of my fave fictional couples ever anyway!Christine turned 40 in February and has four children.Zelie Bullen is a Gold Coast-based stuntwoman who’s recovering from an injury that almost left her unable to walk.

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Along with her husband Craig, she runs Animals All Around - a company that arranges animals and stunts for television, film and live shows around the world.

A mother of a four year old, Zelie turned 40 in October. Earlier this year she married her 26 year old husband.