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We didn't know each other really, but Rich was the perfect amount of thoughtful and caring without being overfamiliar. He's always wanting to learn and discuss new things.

Specifically, Sanvers shippers, there’s good news for our new favorite couple Alex and Maggie.

We racked our brains for a creative summer date idea to share with y'all and we've found a great one! This summer date is a battle where only the fastest trigger finger survives. While you are at it - why not invite some of your favorite couples and make it a group date night? We've got a super simple idea that will take any date night up a few notches.

Add in some darling printables and you're bound to make some incredible... This idea is so versatile that it can be adapted to just about any date idea you've got!

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A while ago I went on a date and the girl offered to pay half. It's just not something that would ever cross my mind. While I'm happy to pay for the first date, it would be nice if you offered to pay too. Whatever her reason - and this is someone I liked enough for a second date - it was a total turn-off. If I insist on paying, I can see it rather assumes I don't want you to contribute. First dates are all about forming opinions but if the first opinion is of you as a freeloader, we're not going to get along that well. We recently moved to good 'ole Vegas and were worried we wouldn't find friends as COOL as the ones we left back home in Utah... We have made some AWESOME friends who are laid back, tonz of fun, and Cr Az Y enough to hang out with US!!! Continue Reading A FUNKY Date Night Like No Other If you have a sense of humor and LOVE to laugh..THIS is the date for you!!), Leigh and Richard were married in February last year amid a small circle of close friends and family. Leigh tried to steal a chair that I was reserving for a friend. ' and we conversed for a fortnight, me thinking he was a guy from my gym.While technically still newlyweds, with their two adorable cats Cookie and Monster in tow, we reckon they're pretty much a solid family unit. I brought it to her attention that the seat was being used. Two weeks in, I realised he was a stranger, but the banter was good.