Updating n95 8gb firmware

The soccer demo seems to be limited to ten plays, though.Steve Litchfield over from Allaboutsymbian brings news that v31.0.015 is available for the Nokia N95 8GB. The rotation for screen for example is a lot snappier. I'm amazed but really happy that the N95 has a further lease of life.Although I can't really see what major improvements can be brought to the Nseries flagship, as it's an almost perfect handset.

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There is no changelog available yet and I am going through my drawers to look for my descargar minecraft ds N95 to update.

Nokia nokia n95 8gb firmware update v35 good things from Apple.

Several new applications also come bundled with the upgrade.

There are N-Gage game demos; which says it’s not available in the US when launched.