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I moved in 2009 to a small city in the south east coast of China called Lin’an.

I expected my China adventure to last no longer than one year, but now I’m in the middle of my eighth year and I have no desire to go back to America.

Mount Wuyi, South Putuo Temple, and Taining Danxia Landform are the other attractions in Xiamen, with their picturesque landscapes and a unique culture.

Summer temperatures reach 28 degrees, and winter temperatures can dip to around 2 degrees, so a very pleasant climate and perfect to enjoy the lovely beaches!

Originally I came for something different (and the amazing holiday time.

As a university teacher I have 4 months' paid holiday time) but I stayed because I ended up really liking my job and living in China.

First and most importantly, it offers users a more convenient way to connect with their potential partners.

Otherwise, the appropriate procedures for unaccompanied minors are required before taking the flight (this is only applicable to children of above 5 but under 12 years old) .

Then i realized it will be a disadvantage while your so-called advantage gets overwhelmingly.

This time, I want to live again for myself, to do what I like as it will have no bad endings, to love who I wanna love as it will be my last chance.

Please don't hurt my heart as it's totally a green-hand in love, even a sweet rose can made me happy for a whole day.

But I believe in such kind of a pure love would bring me a warm and sweet family at last.